Beer Pong



As an evolution of the oldest known drinking games (see the History of Drinking Games), Beer Pong is the most common beer game today.  Played in a variety of ways, often differentiated by “house rules”.  The Denver Beer Olympics put together our best attempt at combining the most common rules of the most common beer game; making it fun for everyone.  The DBO version is played with six cups (10 cups for medal games) and consists of a single-elimination style tournament.

The object of the game is simple: Throw a ball in your opponents’ cups, which are removed and drank as you sink them – the team that sinks all of the other team’s cups wins.

Now, of course, the rules get more complicated.  But, we hope that they are similar to the rules with which you are accustom. Also, we made rules that are fair and make the game a little more expedient, for purposes of their Beer Olympic nature.

A team’s rank, as a result of the tournament, as well as cups total, will determines team points for this event.

photo credit: Kristin Morin