This classic beer game for the park is played with a Frisbee, two poles at either end of 20 feet, and two beer bottles atop each pole.  It is also sometimes known as “Polish Horseshoes”.  The object of the game is to score points by throwing the beersbee_throw2Frisbee to hit the other team’s pole (or bottle) and having the Frisbee and/or bottle hit the ground.  This is one of the few beer games that allow for the play of defense:  Each throw of the Frisbee requires the defending team to catch the Frisbee.  If the opposing team successfully hits your pole/bottle, you must still catch the Frisbee, but now you must also catch the bottle.

Points are awarded for hitting the pole, hitting the bottle, and the opposing team dropping photo credit: Kristin Morineither (see Rules for point calculation).  As the defending team, you can negate the throwing team’s points by catching the Frisbee and/or bottle.

The games are played to 11 points, as a single-elimination tournament; medal games will be played to 15 points.