Das Boot Rules

We know there are many variations to this event.  The following rules describe the particular way we will be playing at the Denver Beer Olympics…

Each team will have all four members participate.

The team will be responsible for drinking an entire 2-liter, German-style beer boot in as less time as possible.

Time will determine rank; your rank in this event will determine the amount of points that will go to your team total.

Each member must drink some of the boot.

A player that begins drinking and stops must pass the boot to another player (a player will be considered as to have “stopped drinking” if the boot and/or the beer is no longer in contact with their mouth)

Passing of the boot must be done without spilling beer; if beer is spilled the team will be subject to penalties laid out in “Spilling Rules” (see below).


Spilling Rules

**The Spilling rules for Das Boot are much stricter than Beer BONG Relay.  The object here is to avoid spilling even a single drop.

Various degrees of “Spillage” will result in time penalties; they are as follows:

“Slight Spillage” is defined as unintentional drips or minimal leakage from the side of your mouth or otherwise spilled; less than two ounces – even a single drop.  This will be up to the judgment of the DBO Beer Bong Relay Judge.  This amount of Spillage will result in a 2 second penalty (2 sec will be added to your time).

Any amount of spillage that is above the “Slight Spillage” level will result in an entire team disqualification from the Das Boot Event and being awarded no points.