Flip Cup



The classic beer game for everyone!  Two teams of four are lined along two sides of the a table.  Each player has a cup with just about one ‘gulp’ worth of beer.  Players across from one another at one end of the table start each game off by:  Picking up their cup, chugging their beer, and then placing the empty cup on the edge of the table.  They then attempt to flip the cup so that it lands upside down, on it’s top.  Once the first player flips their cup, the next person on the team is allowed to pick up their cup, chug, set down, & flip.  The first team to have all four players flip their cups wins!

At the DBO, Flip Cup consists of a Round Robin, where you play all teams.  Points for this event are based on the overall record (ties are determined by the head-to-head match).



photo credit: Kristin Morinphoto credit: Kristin Morin