Flip Cup Rules

We know there might be other variations to this game.  The following rules describe the particular way we will be playing at the Denver Beer Olympics…

The format of play for DBO Flip Cup will be a Round Robin.  In this format a single team will play all other teams once.  Team points will be based on each team’s record at the end of all the games in the round robin.  Ties will be determined by head-to-head result (if any three-way ties that cannot be broken by the result of the teams’ head-to-head matchup, there will be additional tie-break games; but only if the 3-way tie would affect the rank of the top 4 teams).

Each team will have all four members participate.

Teams can pick any order for their team to go, but the order must be determined before the beginning of a game (order cannot be changed during the game).  However, teams may change the order from game to game (the order doesn’t have to be the same throughout the round robin).  The last person to go (aka “the anchor”) must be on the ‘judge end’ of the table.

The starting players must be across from one another (as with second, third, and fourth).

Beer must be filled to two ounces (as determined by the judge) and the cup must be on the table.  The amount of beer in each cup must be the same as all the others.  The players cannot touch the cup until their turn has started, including the first person.

To begin, the DBO official will count down the start by saying, “One, Two, Three, FLIP CUP!”  Once the Judge has said “FLIP CUP”, the first player’s turn has started and he/she may pick up the cup and drink.  The player must drink all the beer in the cup before attempting to flip it.  Once the beer has be drunk, the player must set the cup down, right side up, with the bottom of the cup extending slightly past the edge of the table.  The player must use the overextended bottom part of the cup to flip the cup, upside down onto the table.

The flip must be done in one, short motion, using only one hand.  The player may use more than one hand when repositioning the cup over the edge before attempting a flip.  A player cannot, in any way, guide or assist the cup to a successful flip.

Once a cup has been successfully flipped upside down, the next person’s turn has begun; they may now grab their own cup, drink, and flip.  This continues through, to the last person.  The first team that flips all of their cups is the winner.

If the final 2 cups (last of each of the opposing teams) hit the table at the same time, it is the cup that settles first that wins (a judgment by the official).  If it is determined by the Flip Cup Judge that the 2 cups on opposing sides settle at the same time, the two teams will enter into a tie breaker known as Flip-Off.  The two teams go again until a winner is determined.