The DBO event with the most number of styles and rules, Quarters is a game of skill with a simple premise: Get the quarter in the cup!

The Denver Beer Olympics chooses to test our Beer Olympians with “Chase Elimination” style quarters_1Quarters.  This style of play pits each individual player against everyone else.  Players circle around a table.  A quarter and cup are placed at each end of the circle, half way around the table from each other.  As the game begins, players try feverishly to bounce the quarter into the cup.  Once successful, the cup is passed to the left.  As players bounce the quarters, sinking them and passing them, one cup catches up to the other.  As one player struggles to get that quarter in the cup, the other player, nipping at the heels of this struggling player, sinks the quarter.  In a triumphant and merciless move, this player places their cup inside the cup of the ‘caught’ player before they can sink their quarter: Eliminated.  One by one, the weaker players are picked off like prey.  The best players move on until we get a table of 8 players – the Final Table, the best of the best.  No team effort here; just survival of the fittest.   quarters_2

Points are awarded to the teams of the individual players at the Final Table.  Points are calculated based on the order each player is knocked out.