Super Bowl Squares

sbsq_Promo_img 1As one of our fundraisers to help fight blood cancers, DBO organizes “Super Bowl Squares”!  Just like the classic office pool, we are selling squares for $10/ea. where half goes toward our cause and the other half goes into the pool.  A winning square for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter wins $100 and the winning square at the end of the game wins $200!

Online purchases of squares are either randomly selected OR you can select the location yourself.  However, the digits on the top and side (used to determine winning squares) are applied at random.  To buy squares, just click the link below:

VIEW “Sheet Blue”

VIEW “Sheet Yellow”

How It Works:

On game day, you will be able to see your purchased squares (a link to the completed sheet will be provided here) and the random digits to be aligned (top & bottom).  At the end of each quarter, the score for each team is used to determine a winner.  The “ones” digit of each team’s score is used to align and find the winning square for that quarter.  See the example image below…